Catholic encyclopedia masturbation

Catholic encyclopedia masturbation


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Masturbation – Catholic Education Resource Center

Catholic encyclopedia masturbation

Diversity of belief about masturbation within the Roman.

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Why Is Masturbation Wrong? Catholic Answers

Annie, Im a 67-year-old widow confused about masturbation.

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Married Mutual Masturbation Isnt OK Catholic Answers

Masturbation is a serious obstacle to integrating sexuality into the personality and to maintaining psychological health. Masturbation is the act or practice of the self-stimulation of ones sexual organs. It is usually done with the goal of achieving sexual climax, sexual gratification, or the release of sexual tension.

Without the “one flesh” union that is generative in nature, there can be no real spousal union. The Catechism of the Catholic Church is unequivocal in its teaching on the immorality of masturbation: By masturbation is to be understood the deliberate stimulation of the genital organs in order to derive sexual pleasure.

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Consequently, the Church has always definitively taught—and will always teach—that masturbation (CCC 2352) is “an intrinsically and gravely disordered action.” And when committed with full knowledge and complete consent (CCC 1859), it is a mortal sin (see CCC 1854-64). So masturbation is certainly not essential for our health.

Dear N.N.N.A.: According to my consultant, a highly respected Catholic theologian, there has been a significant change in the evaluation of masturbation by the Catholic Church.


Thomas Aquinas, a popular Doctor of the Roman Catholic Church, writes that masturbation is an "unnatural vice," which is a species of lust like bestiality, sodomy, and pederasty, and that "by procuring pollution [i.e, ejaculation apart from intercourse], without any copulation, for the sake of venereal pleasure.. pertains to the sin of uncleanness which some call effeminacy .

Dear Frustrated: According to the New Catholic Encyclopedia, masturbation is still a mortal sin. However, there are “conditions of anxiety or other.

Participants at Catholic Answers Forums debated whether a voluntary act of masturbation would represent " sexual pleasure " and thus result in a loss of virginity from a theological perspective. There was a general consensus that: "….sexual pleasure, intentionally felt, is loss of virginity according to the traditional catholic definition.

The Encyclopedia, therefore, is the most convenient means of doing both, enabling, as it does, the foremost Catholic scholars in every part of the world to contribute articles in the condensed form that appeals to the man of action, and with the accuracy that satisfies the scholar.