Mature key lime tree

Mature key lime tree


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Mature key lime tree

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Key Lime Tree Citrus aurantifolia. 100 reviews. Fruit. Key Lime Trees do well in containers, like this mature tree. Bring indoors in colder zones in winter. Key Limes are a slightly lighter green than Persian Limes. Key Limes are less acidic and tart than Persian Limes. Key limes are great dessert limes.

If you are wondering if you can grow Key Lime trees indoors, the answer is yes you can grow this vigorous tree indoors. They typically grow to 12 feet high while a dwarf type grows to about 6 feet tall. You can grow Key Limes in a pot or a container so long as it has good water drainage system.

Habit, Form and Hardiness The Key lime tree is an evergreen, meaning it retains its foliage year-round. This plant grows very vigorously, reaching a mature height of 6 1/2 to 13 feet. Key lime.

You just need a bright place to keep it during the winter and you too can have your very own genuine key limes. Growing Mexican Key Lime Trees. The Key Lime tree (Citrus aurantiifolia) is a small, shrubby tree that grows to around 15 feet in height and several feet across. There are small thorns on the branches and the tree doesn’t make a straight trunk but rather grows with.

Until reaching maturity, limes are quite sour tasting. But unlike the lemon, the best lime tree harvest time is just before it turns yellow. Lime tree harvest is easier when you are familiar with the different types of lime trees and what they look like. One of the most popular lime trees is the Key lime, or Mexican lime, (Citrus aurantifolia). This green lime grows.

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A mature backyard lime tree provides between 30 and 50 pounds of limes each year. Key lime (Citrus aurantifolia), sometimes known as Mexican lime, is the most widely cultivated type of lime tree.

Need for fertilizing lime trees. Proper care of lime trees requires that the lime tree get an even mix of nutrients. A lack of certain kinds of nutrients can result in a lime tree not producing blossoms and fruit. Fertilizing lime trees means that they need to get a good amount of nitrogen as well as phosphorus and an occasional boost to the acidity level of the soil. When.

The Key Lime (botanical name Citrus Aurantifolia) is an evergreen citrus tree/fruit with a unique flavor that sets it apart from other lime cultivars. This spherical fruit is also smaller – just around 1 to 2 inches in diameter, is seedier, has a stronger aroma, and has a thinner rind compared to that of a Persian lime.