My wife japanese

My wife japanese


How to say "my wife" in japanese – wordhippo, do you know how to say this is my wife in japanese.

How to say "my wife" in Japanese – WordHippo

My wife japanese

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How Do You Say "My Wife" in Japanese? IroMegane

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How to refer to your spouse in Japanese – Japan Daily

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How to say wife in Japanese – WordHippo

Japanese words for my wife include 山妻, 荊妻, 愚妻, 吾妹 and 吾子. Find more Japanese words at wordhippo!

Japanese words for wife include 妻, 夫人, 奥様, 女房, 家内, かみさん, 細君, 連れ合い, 婦女子 and 内室. Find more Japanese words at wordhippo!

Okusan is one way of saying "my wife" in Japanese and is written 奥さん. Oku means at the back and in this case, back of the house. So okusan refers someone who stays at the back of the house and doesn´t come out to the front, someone hidden.

Referring to one’s wife According to a 2013 poll of Japanese married women, the most common words used to refer to one’s wife were yome (嫁), okusan (奥さん), and tsuma (妻). Trailing behind were words such as kanai (家内), and aikata (相方).

Japanese "my wife" is "私の妻”, "うちの奥さん”, "うちの嫁” and so on in Japanese. FYI, "うちの奥さん” and "うちの嫁” are casual way to say. When my husband talks about me to his friends, he says "うちの奥さん”.

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If you want to know how to say This is my wife in Japanese, you will find the translation here. We hope this will help you to understand Japanese better. Here is the translation and the Japanese word for This is my wife: こちらが妻です Edit. This is my wife in all languages.