Public key distribution

Public key distribution


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Public key distribution

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Distribution of Public Keys. Several techniques have been proposed for the distribution of public keys. Virtually all these proposals can be grouped into the following general schemes: • Public announcement • Publicly available directory • Public-key authority • Public-key certificates.

Introduction Key-Distribution Diffie-Hellman Exchange Addressing the limitations of private-key encryption* 1. Public-key allows key distribution to be done over public channels. Initial deployment and system maintenance is simplified. 2. Public-key vastly reduces the need to store many di↵erent secret keys. Even if a large number of pairs want to.

Best way to distribute your key is by using one of the key servers that are available, such as keyserver.ubuntu, or keyserver.pgp. If you use Seahorse (default key manager under Ubuntu), it automatically syncs your keys to one of these servers. Users can then look up your key using your email address or keyid.