Sex toys and airport security

Sex toys and airport security


7 Tips for getting your sex toys through airport security and airport security prank as wife sneaks sex toys into.

7 Tips for Getting Your Sex Toys Through Airport Security.

Sex toys and airport security

How to fly with a sex toy – Airline safety and security.

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13 Discreet Sex Toys That Won’t Raise Eyebrows at Airport.

Video shows airport security official discovers a sex toy.

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How to Carry Sex Toys Through Airport Security Like a Boss.

Sex toy in baggage at airport.

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5 Tips for Traveling With Sex Toys – ABC News

If you plan to bring some lube or toy cleaner to go along with your vibrator, it shouldn’t be an issue—so long as you follow the TSA’s restrictions for liquids. Keep it to 3 ounces or less.

While the embarrassment can be mortifying for the passenger, to airport authorities on high alert for security threats, a vibrating object at an airport can be easily confused with a bomb. Back in 2004, Mackay airport in Queensland, Australia, was evacuated when a sex toy discarded in a cafe garbage can caused a terrorism alert.

Thankfully for me, anyone like me, and anyone else who just doesnt want airport security all up in their business, there are plenty of inconspicuous sex toys.

How to Carry Sex Toys Through Airport Security Like a Boss February 2, 2016 by Cooper S. Beckett 4 Comments “Sex Geek” Cooper S. Beckett answers questions about traveling with sex toys.

A stag party decided to play a prank on a first time flyer in their group by hiding a sex toy in his bag, just before he went through airport security. By strapping the sex toy to a water bottle.

Strap in for this hilarious prank. When security searched this man’s suitcase at Luton Airport in London, UK, they found two embarrassing objects tied to a water bottle: a gimp mask and a.

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In the US, when it comes to flying on airliners or going through TSA security, the only limits that matter are the normal limits on hazardous or banned items. While there may be local or state laws restricting the possession of sex toys, there are no federal restrictions on ownership.